Gold’s Gym GG480 Review

Editor's Rating: 4.8 /10
This model has been discontinued.


The Gold’s Gym GG480 Treadmill is very basic treadmill that is designed for people new to fitness or treadmill use in general. Found in stores like Walmart, the GG480 is sold for about $350, is assembled at home, and comes with a pair of 1 pound hand weights.

The drive system is equipped with a 2.5 CHP G-Force motor and can accommodate users of up to 300 pounds. Users can enjoy the incline feature, going from 0 to 15%, and speeds up to 10 mph. For joint support and cushioning, the GG480 is designed with the AirStride Plus Cushioning system that adds support and cushioning to the deck. And speaking of the deck, this model has an 18″ wide running area that is also 50″ long. The GG480 design also features an easy-to-use folding frame equipped with the patented SpaceSaver Design, so it’s easily stored away for convenience.

The simple console includes a blue-tinted ClearView (TM) display that is not back-lit and features the race track tracking display. To monitor your heart rate, you can use the PowerPulse heart rate monitor built into the hand grips, but this model does not feature hands-free monitoring. Included are also 8 workout programs designed by certified personal trainers. These programs include 4 weigh loss programs and 4 performance workouts. There are no audio options.

Gold’s Gym offers 90 days coverage on parts and labor, and 5 years coverage on the motor.

What We Like:

  • Folding Design: The GG480 is a folding machine. This is a convenience feature, which makes it a nice choice for people who are planning to workout in smaller spaces. It’s also pretty lightweight and compact so if you need to move it around, you can.
  • Price: You won’t get a quality machine at this price point, but for around $350, this treadmill is a budget-friendly choice as a starter model.
  • Deck Cushioning: This treadmill is designed with the AirStride (TM) Cushioning system that keeps the deck rigid and supportive to prevent injury and add to the comfort.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Console: This console lacks in many areas. There is no real storage space, no audio options, no comfort features, or entertainment offerings. There is little to say about the console area other than that it is totally lacking.
  • Display Screen: This display screen is small and difficult to read since it is not back-lit. The race track display is not particularly useful because it is pretty difficult to see, but you will get the basic workout readouts.
  • Warranty: Considering how inexpensive this model is, we would not really expect a lifetime warranty but 90 days on parts and labor is pretty bad.
  • Overall Quality: This model is made with cheap, plastic parts, and you will feel that when working out. The drive system is weak and the deck is pretty rickety. The assembly is also challenging, but what do you expect for a treadmill that is under $400?
  • Running Area: The running area on this model is probably one of the smallest on the market. The average running deck is somewhere around 20″ wide and 60″ long, but this model is pretty cramped at only 50” long and 18” wide. This is an issue for taller people, runners, or anyone who just wants some space while working out. For many people, this can also become a safety concern.

Our Verdict:

As a starter model for someone looking to just get into fitness, the GG480 might be a nice treadmill to try out, but we cannot recommend it as a reliable or even quality treadmill to purchase. It’s incredibly inexpensive, so you won’t get anything but a basic running belt on a cheap, plastic frame with a not-so-great warranty. If you want to find an inexpensive treadmill that will last, consider our Best Cheap Treadmills page that covers the inexpensive machines.