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kids fitnessSince such a large part of our lives today is digital, it can be quite easy to spend most of our time sitting down in front of a screen, while munching on snacks. This is actually quite bad for our bodies and even our minds. Human bodies need a good deal of physical exercise, as well as healthy food, in order to function the best it can. When our bodies are functioning well, we feel more energetic, less stressed, and happier overall. Let’s explore more about fitness and nutrition to see how each of them can help us.

Why is it Important to Stay and Be Active?

Exercise helps to work out many different parts of our bodies, from muscles to bones, to make us stronger and more flexible. In other words, by exercising we can do more in our daily lives. It goes even deeper than this too. Exercise improves our circulation and respiratory systems. Our hearts are one of the most important muscles in our bodies; without it, we’d be unable to live! When we exercise, we keep our hearts fit since they have to work harder to pump more blood.

Sports are a Great Way to Stay Active!

There are plenty of different sports that kids can get involved in. Team sports, like basketball, soccer, and baseball, are very popular. Apart from staying active, they also allow kids to make friends and hang out with a huge group of people. Other sports rely more on individual skills rather than a team effort. They include running, swimming, figure skating, tennis, skiing, rollerblading, and martial arts. With so many sports to pick from, kids are bound to find one that they enjoy. It’s also fun to sign up for a new sport with a friend and learn it together.

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What If I’m Not Into Sports?

If you think you don’t enjoy sports, you’re not the only one. In fact, there are many other kids who think the same way. Sometimes it’s because they think they’re not good at it, or because they don’t know how to play it. Many kids end up trying a few different sports before finding one that they enjoy and excel at. There are also heaps of physical activities that are not sports. For example, kids can play a game of tag, run with the dog, go bicycling, and dance. In the winter, they can help to plow snow, have a snowball fight, or make a huge snowman.

Nutrition and Health

Like a car, our bodies need the right types of fuel in order to run properly. What might happen if we filled a car with water instead of gas? It simply wouldn’t work. Similarly, if we fill our bodies with junk food, we can develop health problems that limit our ability to function normally. The best way to eat is to ensure that each of our meals contain different types of foods to create a balanced diet; this means that we have to consume a balanced amount of grains (bread, cereal, pasta, rice), vegetables, fruits, proteins (meat, fish, nuts, eggs), dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurt), and plenty of water.


When we exercise regularly and eat well, we can notice a major difference in how we feel and act. Kids might notice that you can now sleep better, focus better in class, and feel less stressed. Their bodies will also likely show some physical effects, such as a healthy weight level and stronger muscles. As kids continue to exercise, they will find that they are able to work out more than they did at first.

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