Sole F60 Review

Editor's Rating: 7.6/10
This Treadmill is Discontinued.

Sole is a leader in the treadmill industry that truly offers something for everyone. The folding F60 is their most inexpensive treadmill that is made with good components, but offers few frills. Even if you’re on a budget, we recommend spending stepping up to the F63 model, which offers far more bang for the buck.

Normally we’d dismiss an $800 treadmill right away, but Sole has a great reputation to protect. The folding Sole F60 treadmill still has a full 20” x 60” running surface and a respectable 2.75 CHP motor. If you weigh 275 pounds or less, you could get some decent workouts from this budget treadmill.

What We Like

  • Compact Design: The F60 treadmill features Sole’s unique horseshoe design. It can be folded to save space, yet is still quite sturdy.
  • High-Quality Motor: Sole’s durable 2.75 CHP motor is comparable to 3.0 HP motors from other brands. It’s cooled by heavy-duty flywheels and is surprisingly quiet. The motor has a lifetime warranty for residential use.
  • Above-Average Track: The Sole F60’s track is two-ply for durability. The 60”x20” workout area is long enough for most runners, especially when the incline is used. Furthermore, its CushionFlex technology has been proven to reduce joint impact by up to 40% when compared with road running.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: The treadmill comes equipped with hand pulse grips, but wireless chest straps are not included.
  • Ten Programs: The Sole F60 has ten preset programs, a step up from the six included in the original model. Endurance, weight loss, and interval training are all covered in focused workouts.
  • Extras: Two cooling fans are built into the console. Also, incline and speed controls are conveniently placed on the armrests.
  • Good Warranty: Sole warranties are among the best in the business. The F60 Folding Treadmill is sold with a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, a three-year warranty on electronics and parts, and one year of labor. You probably won’t find a better warranty for treadmill this cheap.

Sole F60 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:3-stars
Motor:2.75 HP
Incline:0 to 15%
Running Area:20" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:325 LBS
Dimensions:80" L x 33" W x 58" H
Built-In Programs:8
What We Don’t Like

    • No Heart Rate Control: Although this treadmill gives heart rate readings, it doesn’t have heart rate control programs. Other Sole treadmills include heart rate control to make workouts more efficient.
    • Small Display: The 5.5” LCD is crisp but will be too too small for some trainees.

Our Verdict

The Sole F60 Folding Treadmill offers decent value. It’s a basic model meant for walking. It certainly runs smoothly and quietly, which is rare in this price range. It also has the best warranty package that we’ve ever seen for a $800 treadmill. We recommend this product as a starter treadmill for people who weigh about 275 pounds or less and low budge. However, we highly recommend spending the $200 and tgoing for the F63, which is well worth it. Check out our list of best cheap treadmills to see other budget-friendly options.


  • Mick BookerMarch 5, 2019 at 11:34 pmfrom Manawatu-Wanganui Region
    You say it's meant for walking. I have to question this, who walks at 12mph?
    • Amanda B.March 6, 2019 at 3:14 pm
      Hi Mick. This treadmill would be great for walking at a lower mph. While the treadmill goes up to 12 like most models, it is not expected that users would be attempting to walk at this pace.
    • Amanda B.March 6, 2019 at 3:17 pm
      Hi Mick. While the treadmill goes up to 12mph to accommodate a running pace, the walking is intended for users operating at a lower mph. We do not expect users to attempt walking at a 12mph pace but like most models, the machine accommodates a range of pace for users.
    • Ted FaigleJanuary 2, 2020 at 12:14 pm
      The highest speed is 10. The highest incline is 12.
  • MartinMarch 30, 2019 at 5:51 pmfrom Crosby Liverpool England
    I have just purchased this f60 treadmill today the speed is totally wrong it isn’t 4 mph as it says much slower I need to speak to customer service
    • Amanda B.April 1, 2019 at 9:59 am
      Hi Martin, we would like to help you with your machine. This model is currently discontinued but if you contact this number 1-888-707-1880 it will direct you to customer service for Sole Fitness.
    • Teddy FaigleJanuary 2, 2020 at 12:13 pm
      It does not go up to 12 mph. 12 is the highest incline. 10 is the highest speed.

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