Sole ST90 Review

Editor's Rating: 3 /5

This Treadmill Could Be For You If:

  • You want a top tier treadmill with a slat belt.
  • You want a large, solid machine for home or private studio use.
  • You’re a larger user who wants the 330-pound weight maximum afforded here.
  • You like interactive programming.
  • You want commercial-grade treadmill components and modern extras.
  • You don’t mind paying for quality.
  • Slat belt design
  • AC motor instead of DC
  • Heavy unit weighing 376 pounds
  • Shorter warranty

The new Sole ST90 sits atop the brand’s lineup of light commercial, slat belt treadmills. More than the double the price of the F80, it does bring a larger frame and more features. The higher price is typical of the new slat belt models as opposed to the traditional decks. Slat belt treadmills utilize rubber slats within the frame and have fewer springs. The rubber slats form a thicker landing pad which is easier on the joints. These are found on newer models these days and tend to be pricier. On the upside, since there’s no deck per se, running on these feels like running outside on a hard surface, yet it remains easier on the joints.

As a bodybuilder competing in the NPC, I do like the idea of the slat belt and the ride it offers. While cutting weight for contests, I’ll strap a 45-pound weight vest on and do hard hikes on my own treadmill. One thing you can say about the ST90 is you shouldn’t get joint problems from this, and this treadmill is certainly more stable than its peers.

The ST90 measures 70″ x 33.5″ x 65″ and does weigh a whopping 376 pounds. The slat design affords a conveyor-belt style running surface of 20″ x 60″ with a 10″ step up height. Given the size it makes sense the unit can support users up to 330 pounds in bodyweight. If you’ve ever been concerned about a home treadmill wobbling, this won’t be the case. One potential downside is the running area is 20″ instead of 22″ wide. You’ll also notice this treadmil comes with a 2.0 HP AC motor (alternating current) as opposed to a DC (direct current) motor and will most certainly last longer than the alternatives. For mroe information on treadmill motors, read our in-depth review here.

Also, the warranty doesn’t exactly impress me. The package comes with just five years on the frame and motor, three years on the deck and electronics, and one year for parts and labor. Given the price tag of $3,499.99 I’d expect at least 10 years for the frame, or better yet, a lifetime guarantee. That’s been the norm for other Sole treadmills in the past and the fact this is a newer slat belt design might be the reason for question. If you’re shopping around, read our review of the NordicTrack Commercial X32i here, which for roughly the same money offers a lot of more performance and a 10-year frame warranty.

The ST90 features a 10.1″ TFT-LCD touch panel screen and Android system for workout display, as well as an integrated tablet holder. One great point I’m glad to see in this new model is a slew of built-in programs, meaning you’re not locked into paying for an app. This treadmill comes with 10 standard programs, 12 custom, and seven for heart rate. Along with Bluetooth speakers, the treadmill has built-in handlebar pulse sensors and telemetry for heart rate monitoring. Purchase does not include a chest or arm strap though, but the handlebar sensors are probably sufficient for most.

I am surprised there’s no workout fans included in this model, however it does come with a USB port for charging and a bottle holder. In terms of performance, the treadmill utilizes a 2HP AC motor, 15 levels of incline, and speeds up to 12.5 mph. For additional programming, the Sole ST90 is designed to work with the Studio app. With a growing library of more than 3,000 routines, the Studio app offers real-time data from most pieces of Sole equipment as well as community-driven leaderboards and heart rate monitoring. With classes led by a diverse cast of professional trainers to curated playlists, the Studio community has social media style connectivity as well as competitions for Fitcoin. Purchase includes a free 30-day trial, after which membership runs at $19.99 per month.



What We Like:

  • Solid Engineering: Sole is a good name for a reason. The ST90 is large and well-built.
  • Great Motor: This machine has a 2.0 HP AC motor as opposed to DC.
  • High Maximum User Weight: Runners up to 330 pounds can enjoy this treadmill.
  • Built-In Programs: With 10 standard programs, 12 custom, and seven for heart rate, customers aren’t locked into a specific app for use.
  • Bluetooth Capabilities: From the speakers to the heart rate function, being Bluetooth-enabled means users can immerse themselves in their workout on all levels.
  • Joint Impact Benefits: The unique slat bet design is meant to help with joints and reduce injuries. Yes, it means a bigger unit and more costly, but if joints are a concern, this is a big plus.
  • Dynamic Touchscreen: The 10.1″ TFT-LCD touch panel and Android system offer stellar control for program either built-in or via Studio.
  • Integrated Tablet Holder: In addition to a 10.1″ screen, users can bring their own device for streaming while exercising.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The sensors built into the handlebars work dynamically with the treadmill to report metrics, and as a Bluetooth-enabled machine, telemetry is also an option.
  • Studio App: Purchase comes with a free trial of a very popular app. At only $19.99 per month, it’s quite reasonable compared to the competition.

Sole ST90 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:3.0-stars
Motor:2.0 HP
Incline:0 to 15%
Running Area:20" x 60"
Top Speed:12.5 MPH
Weight Capacity:330 LBS
Dimensions:70" L x 33.5" W x 65" H
Built-In Programs:29
What We Don’t Like:

  • Warranty: For the money, I’d expect at minimum a 10-year frame warranty if not lifetime.
  • Big Model: With a machine weight of 376 pounds, this is not a treadmill you’ll want to move around the house once assembled.
  • Assembly: A machine of this size will certainly require assistance in assembling. 

Our Verdict:

At $3,499.99, the ST90 is nearly double the F80’s $1,899. Granted, it brings a new slat belt design, but that’s still a hefty price.  On the upside, for heavier folks looking to lose weight, joint problems might be an issue and the slat belt might help there. The features are great, but unless you really want that heavy of a model we’d recommend checking out the $2,399.99 Sole F85 model as a more budget-friendly alternative. If a top tier treadmill is what you want though, consider checking out our review of the NordicTrack Commercial X32i here

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Recent Updates

May 11, 2023: Updated price and specifications to most current model.

October 5, 2022: Updated price and specifications to most current model. Included additional FAQs.

Sole ST90 FAQs

How much does the Sole ST90 weigh?

The Sole ST90 weighs 376 pounds and can handle up to 330 pounds in user weight.

Where should I buy the Sole ST90?

It’s often best to buy new exercise equipment directly from the manufacturer. Buying your ST90 directly from Sole takes into consideration the brand’s online discounts, free shipping, consumer protections and 30-day trial period of the Studio app.

Does the Sole ST90 have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Sole ST90 is Bluetooth enabled for both music and heart rate monitoring.

Is the Sole ST90 difficult to assemble?

Having assembled treadmills ourselves, we'd strongly recommend having assistance with this treadmill. It's nearly 400 pounds and would require at minimum two people just to carry inside.

What is the running surface of the Sole ST90?

The conveyor-belt style running surface of the Sole ST90 measures at 20" x 60".