TruPace M150 Review

Editor's Rating: 6.8/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

TruPace, a discount treadmill company, has become affiliated with the better-rated Smooth Fitness brand. In our treadmill reviews, the units carrying the Smooth brand name are generally better than those by TruPace. This holds true for the TruPace M150, which is the most advanced in the TruPace series but an average treadmill.

The TruPace M150 is a foldable treadmill with 2.75 CHP motor. Designed for walkers, the unit has a 55” track and TruRide cushioning. Its 14 preset programs include manual mode, a fitness test, and 12 speed/incline workouts. Information is displayed on a simple LCD window.

This unit costs about $900 when on sale, whereas most home treadmills cost $1000 or more. But buyer beware: Parts are protected for just two years, so figure that this machine will cost about $450/year if it breaks down right after the warranty expires. With other treadmills the deal can work out to much less per year.

What We Like:

  • Compact design: The M150 requires 72″ L x 36″ W of floor space, which is pretty standard for a home treadmill. It can be folded with shock assist and wheeled away to save space.
  • TruRide cushioning: Shock protection is provided at eight points beneath the treadmill track.
  • Workout programs: The TruPace M150 includes manual mode and 13 workout programs, one of which is a fitness test. The preset workouts automatically adjust speed and incline at various challenge levels.
  • Inclined track: The track can be adjusted to 15 levels of incline. Incline workouts enhance muscle tone and speed up your metabolism.
  • Handrail controls: Buttons on the handrails let you change speed and incline during workouts, so there’s no need to lean over the console and scroll through menus.
  • Heft: This machine weighs 210 pounds. It is the same basic unit as the cheaper TruPace M120.
  • Water bottle holder: A bottle holder is included on the console.
  • Audio: Play your MP3s and listen through the console’s sound system.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Short warranty: The TruPace M150 is short on customer protections. You may return the machine within 60 days. The frame and motor have lifetime protection, but parts are only covered for two years. Smooth Fitness and other treadmill brands offer better value.
  • Simple console: Workout data are displayed on a small LCD with blue backlighting. It’s a good enough console but doesn’t fare well against competitors’ screens. Some other options on the market include large LCDs and full-color touchscreen consoles.

Our Verdict:

The TruPace M150 treadmill is an average treadmill. Some of its best qualities are the automatic incline and built-in speakers. That’s not saying much! With so many options available for the 2012 and 2013 model years, the M150 probably isn’t the best option for your home gym. Shop around before committing to this purchase. Check out folding treadmills with iFit, for instance, or those with tablets and full-color touch-screens. You can also buy a treadmill with an ultra-steep incline for faster toning and calorie burn.

TruPace M150 Treadmill

TruPace M150 Treadmill Console

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