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The different foods available in our nation’s diet has increasingly become processed. More and more foods are either being run through manufacturing plants, modified to produce the highest yields, or altered someway to meet the demands of today’s growing society. With all of this modification, there’s no guarantee to know exactly what the effects are to the human body. So if you’re worried about how much a piece of chicken 50 years ago differs from a piece today, then a raw food diet may be for you. This diet focuses on food items being raw, eaten in their unprocessed state. A big caveat is that items are also required to be organic as well, to ensure that there has been the least amount of processing. But what exactly can you eat, and what exactly consists of a raw food diet? To answer your questions, we’ve compiled a list of exceptional resources that can point you in the right direction when looking to begin a raw food diet. Be sure to check out each blog, as we know each can provide insight in this interesting dietary choice.

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