AFG 5.0AT Treadmill (Folding)

Editor's Rating: 6.7/10
This model has been discontinued.

AFG’s 5.0AT folding treadmill has one of the brand’s better tracks. The deck might not be quite “orthopedic” as claimed, but the track is 4.4 mm thick. The 5.0AT has a high speed of 12 mph, stores workout data for two users, and has speakers for your MP3s.

We recommend this treadmill but advise you check out the 5.1AT also. It’s a bit better in many ways yet might have a lower price.

What We Like

  • Stability: Weighing 270 pounds, the 5.0AT is strong enough to support a 400-lb. trainee.
  • Folding: The folding design helps save floor space.
  • Long track: The 60” track accommodates the long strides of runners.
  • Strong Motor: The 3.0 CHP motor lets this model power through long runs without the jerky hesitation you might find on cheaper treadmills.
  • Workout Variety: Seven preset workout modes help you target various exercise goals. The preset modes are Manual, Intervals, Mountain Walk, Weight Loss Walk, Hill Walk, Cardio Challenge and Endurance Challenge.
  • Incline: A 15 degree incline increases in half-degree increments. It helps you focus on different muscles and burn calories more quickly.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: Wireless and grip monitors are included.
  • MP3 Player Port & Speakers: This unit has an MP3 jack, shelf and premium speakers.
  • Warranty: Advanced Fitness Group stands out for its warranties.  Their 5.0 treadmill is sold with lifetime protection on the motor and frame. AFG customers also get three years of parts coverage and one year of labor.

What We Don’t Like

  • Bulk: Although this treadmill folds, it will take up a lot of space visually no matter how it’s positioned. It isn’t like a cheap folding treadmill that will fit into your closet. The 5.0AT treadmill isn’t recommended for small houses or apartments.
  • Shipping Expense: When you compare treadmill prices, be sure that shipping is included. This machine is hefty.

Our Verdict

AFG treadmills provide above-average value with lifetime warranties on frames and motors. This unit provides a 400-pound weight capacity, which is unusual for a folding treadmill. Other appealing features are the incline, sound system and wireless heart rate monitor.

We still think that the 7.1AT provides the best value from Advanced Fitness Group; you can add new programs via the USB port. The 5.0AT and 7.1AT sometimes have the same sale price. As mentioned in the introduction, you should also compare this model with the 5.1. The AFG website makes comparisons easy.

AFG 5.0 has been replaced by the AFG 5.5. Similar features but at a much more affordable price.

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