Diamondback Treadmill Review

Brand Rating: 8.0/10

Diamondback Fitness is a US-based brand of home exercise equipment. It builds on 40 years experience and is known for good value cardio trainers under $1,000. Diamondback’s full collection for 2018 includes exercise bikes, an elliptical trainer, a row machine, and the two treadmills covered in this review: the Diamondback 510T and 910T.

Both Diamondback treadmills are foldable to help maximize your living space. The 510T, which is for walking only, is especially compact and can be stored under a bed. The Diamondback 910T is an all-purpose treadmill. With 4.0 continuous horsepower and a large track, it’s a top value for dedicated runners and casual exercisers alike.

Below are overviews of Diamondback treadmill components, workout programming and warranties.

What We Like:

  • Folding Frames: New Diamondback treadmills can easily be folded to give you more floor space after workouts. The Diamondback 510T can be made especially small: It folds flat to become just 11” high, which is short enough to fit under a standard bed. The Diamondback 910T folds vertically instead to reveal more floor space. Both treadmills have wheels attached for transport.
  • Power Incline on the 910T: The Diamondback 910T Treadmill has automated incline. Trainees can choose from 15 settings to angle the track by up to 15 degrees. By setting the incline to one or two degrees, you can make treadmill exercise be more like outdoor exercise where you get a bit of wind resistance instead of help from the belt’s momentum. With steeper settings you’ll also be able to work your muscles differently, just as you do when running a hilly outdoor route. Yet another advantage is that your metabolic rate increases along with the incline! Incline training lets you burn calories more quickly.
  • Built-In Workout Programs: Both Diamondback treadmills for 2018 have programs to automate the track. For the 510T, ten preset programs control the belt speed. For the 910T, fifteen programs control the speed and incline. Each set of programs is diverse with profiles such as gradual hill climbs and pyramid intervals. For data feedback, five fields are shown at once on an LED screen.
  • Sound Systems: Bring your own mobile device and connect your Diamondback’s sound system! Each treadmill has a set of stereo speakers and a secure holder for your media player.
  • Warranties: Factory-direct warranties for Diamondback treadmills help make these machines very competitive deals. Both the 510T and 910T carry three-year parts warranties, lifetime motor warranties and other buyer protections.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Track Size on 510T: Diamondback’s 510T Treadmill has a noticeably smaller track than the typical home treadmill we review. Even if you aren’t very tall, you might prefer a machine with more walking space. The workout area measures 17 inches wide and 48 inches long. The norm on treadmills for walkers is 20” wide and 55” or 60” long.
  • Suspension: Suspension or cushioning for the Diamondback 510T is light compared with what the 910T Treadmill and other home treadmills provide. You can also buy treadmills with better suspension than what the 910T provides, although you usually need to spend more than $899. Choosing a machine with greater shock deflection (or wearing excellent shoes) will help make exercise more comfortable and easier on your joints.
  • No Wireless Heart Rate Monitors: Neither of the new Diamondback treadmills supports wireless heart rate monitoring. If you move up to the $1,000 to $1,499 treadmill category, you’ll find that wireless telemetry and heart rate controlled workout programs are common.
  • Customer Service Hours: Diamondback customer service does not have weekend hours or online chat. Assistance is available by phone and fax on weekdays from 9 to 5 Mountain Time (11 to 7 EST).

Our Verdict:

Diamondback treadmills are good values for most shoppers with $1K fitness budgets. Unlike some competitors, Diamondback focuses more on good quality parts than flashy digital features. Entertainment isn’t forgotten though; both machines have media platforms with powerful speakers to help keep you motivated. The 510T is a satisfying buy for walking, as long as the small track doesn’t feel too restrictive. This unit is a rare find for being very compact and storable under a bed, yet carrying a three-year parts warranty. Meanwhile the Diamondback 910T Treadmill has a supersized track and ample power for daily jogging and serious running. Like the 510T, it’s paired with a customer-friendly warranty to ensure good long-term value.


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