HealthRider H190t Review

Editor's Rating: 6.9/10

HealthRider specializes in producing feature-packed treadmills for home gyms. The H190t Treadmill is their most expensive machine, but it’s a great deal at the discount price of $1699. Some highlights are built-in iFit Live™ Technology, a 10″ full-color touch screen, and an incline/decline! It’s powered by a 3.8 CHP commercial motor and has 32 workout apps.

Owners get lifetime protection on the frame and motor. Parts are protected for five years. Two years of labor are provided, which is a great sign that HealthRider has confidence in the H190t’s durability.

What We Like:

  • 32 Workout Apps: It’s easy to find the type of workout you want. The HeathRider H190t Treadmill lets you choose from four categories, each with eight programs. The categories are High Intensity, Speed, Incline, and Calorie Burn. Endless additional workouts can be accessed with iFit Live.
  • iFit Console: iFit Live is a major selling point for HealthRider treadmills and others manufactured by ICON. On this treadmill iFit Live gets shown off with a 10″ screen. One popular option you’ll get is workouts powered by Google Maps. You can recreate a route from anywhere that Google has mapped, and the treadmill will automatically adjust the incline and decline to match the land! You’ll get a maximum 3% decline and a maximum 15% incline. You can also virtually train with the fitness coach Jillian Michaels, and with iFit Live Competitions you can compete against online friends and family. If you’d like, you can have your exercise data automatically uploaded to This lets you easily track your progress and helps promote great results.
  • 10” Touchscreen: The 10″ touchscreen makes this treadmill feel like a 2015 model. It makes it easy to scroll through your data or select a program.
  • Incline and Decline: The incline and decline on this unit let you get a major benefit of outdoor training: changing terrain. When the treadmill track makes even tiny changes in grade, your muscles respond. Working out on an incline is a great way to tone your muscles and burn calories more quickly. With the HealthRider H190t Treadmill, you also get the fun of using incline/decline with iFit Live. The Google Maps app lets you re-create an actual outdoor route on your treadmill. You can train for a race, start walking across the country, or virtually hike routes that are halfway around the world. You can always adjust the incline/decline quickly with the one-touch controls.
  • Full Track: This treadmill has a durable 20″ x 60″ track. The track is two-ply and moves over large rollers to help slow down its wear.
  • Adjustable Cushioning: FlexStrideMAX is exclusive cushioning used on HealthRider treadmills. It’s adjustable, letting you set the perfect level for your comfort and joint protection.
  • Motor: The 3.8 CHP motor runs pretty quietly. It provides plenty of power and has a lifetime guarantee.
  • Speed: The H190t Treadmill has a top speed of 12 mph. Speed can be controlled via convenient one-touch controls; no scrolling is required.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The H190T treadmill includes a BioLogic wireless heart rate monitoring system. This is a nice perk; usually part of a wireless system is sold separately from a treadmill. There’s also a dual-grip heart rate monitor on this model, but advantages of wireless monitoring are convenience and higher accuracy.
  • Speakers: A USB power port is included for MP3 players. Three-inch speakers by Intermix Acoustics are built into the console.
  • Capacity: This folding treadmill accommodates up to 350 pounds (158 kilograms).
  • Folding: A patented Space Saver design makes it easy to keep this fitness machine out of the way. Folding the treadmill vertically is a one-step process with Easy Lift Assist.
  • Longevity: The H190t Treadmill is built to pretty high standards. For one thing, its track runs over 3″ rollers. These rollers are larger than what you’d find on many other home treadmills, which is good; the bigger size helps promote longer track life. The motor and frame are guaranteed for life. Key features, such as the incline/decline and iFit console, are under warranty for five years.
  • Warranty: The HealthRider treadmill warranty is great if you buy the H190t on sale. If you pay the full $3000 though, then it’s not so hot. This unit is sold with lifetime coverage on the frame and motor, five years of coverage for parts and wear items, and two years of labor. The two years of labor is a good sign; HealthRider isn’t expecting breakdowns shortly after delivery! Not every treadmill brand can say that.

What We Don’t Like:

Although this treadmill has many perks, it’s missing a basic shelf. The designers probably figured that most trainees would be engaged with the 10″ color screen. Some people might like a place to set a book or mobile device.

Our Verdict:

The HealthRider H190t Treadmill is packed with 3.8 horsepower, 32 diverse workouts and various options for fun, motivational integration with the Internet. It also has a great track with adjustable cushioning and incline/decline. This treadmill easily earns a five-star review when it’s offered on sale with a five-year parts warranty.

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