BladeZ Synapse ST7iB Review

Editor's Rating: 6.4/10

The BladeZ Synapse ST7iB is an affordable and moderate quality treadmill for home use. We recommend this product mainly to shoppers who need a big discount. This treadmill has a 57″ track, so it’s a great length for walking and also suits many runners.

The key specs are a 3.5 HP motor, a maximum 12% incline, and “endless” workout programs to download. Sixteen programs are pre-loaded on the console too. This is a folding treadmill, which means the track can be stored upright to save floor space.

Our overall rating for the Synapse ST7iB Treadmill depends heavily on the sale price. The product is overpriced at $2500 but the occasional sale price of $850 is excellent. That includes free indoor delivery from BladeZ, literally endless programming on the i.Concept console, and a three-year warranty on all parts. Reasons for the low price can be found in the review below.

What We Like:

  • Console: The Synapse treadmill console includes sixteen workouts plus i.Concept technology. i.Concept lets you keep your treadmill fresh and engaging with new apps for entertainment and exercise. Compatible apps can be accessed by connecting the Synapse ST7iB to your iPad, iPhone or Android device via Bluetooth.
  • Incline: This BladeZ treadmill has a motorized incline with 15 levels. The maximum incline is 12%. Using the incline can dramatically boost your metabolism, enhance your muscle tone, and relieve stress on your knees. More dramatic inclines are available but 12% is more than enough challenge for lots of trainees.
  • High Speed: Run, jog or walk your way to fitness. The Synapse ST7iB has a top speed of 12 mph!
  • Motor: A 3.5 HP motor provides great power for runners. It operates quietly and is skip-free when you change speeds. The motor is sold with a lifetime guarantee for residential use.
  • Orthopedic Cushioning: This treadmill uses Active Flex cushioning. At the front of the track, extra cushioning provides an impact-absorbing landing area. At the back, a firmer push-off area helps boost efficiency. The result is improved endurance and a reduced chance of injury compared with outdoor running.
  • Folding: Folding the treadmill is easy with the BladeZ Safe Drop system. This moves the treadmill track into a vertical position, which frees up almost two feet of floor space. The folded dimensions of this treadmill are about 52” L x 32” W. Unfolded, the dimensions are about 73” L x 32” W.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The Synapse ST7iB Treadmill offers two ways to monitor your heart rate: contact grips and wireless telemetry. For wireless monitoring, the chest strap is sold separately but is probably worth the $99 or so investment. The treadmill includes Heart Rate Control (HRC) programs, which adjust in response to your heart rate readout. Using your heart rate data with these programs and others can make your exercise sessions more efficient.
  • Extras: The Synapse ST7iB Treadmill includes a drink holder, a reading rack, and an electronics accessory rack. Note though that it does not have a workout fan, speakers or a USB power port. (The other BladeZ treadmills have all three.)
  • Capacity: This fitness machine has a maximum capacity of 325 pounds.
  • Safety Key: A removable safety key is included. This circuit breaker can prevent unintended use. It can also switch off the treadmill if you slip and fall.
  • Warranty: If you buy this machine at a deep discount, then you’ll get a pretty good value with the warranty. You’ll get lifetime protection for the frame and motor, three years of coverage for parts and wear items, and free repairs during the first year of ownership. BladeZ treadmills can be returned for a refund within 30 days too. The refund would be minus return shipping and any restocking fee.

What We Don’t Like:

Considering all of the above fine points, why does the BladeZ Synapse have such a low price? Here are two factors that definitely play in.

  • No Music Port: Music helps exercise sessions fly by, so we’re disappointed that this treadmill doesn’t include speakers or an MP3 player power port. It does include an accessory tray for devices though.
  • Poor Track Longevity: This treadmill’s track runs over 2″ rollers. These are smaller than the rollers on other BladeZ treadmills and the related BH Fitness brand treadmills. Also, those treadmill tracks have special coatings to promote longevity.

Our Verdict:

The BladeZ Synapse ST7iB Treadmill is a good option for people seeking a discount treadmill. The starting price of about $2500 was way too high, but selling for under $1000 now, it’s become a deal. Just keep in mind that unlike more expensive treadmills, this one shouldn’t be expected to last a generation. For at least a few years you’ll get workouts with endless variety, a max 12% incline, and orthopedic cushioning.

BladeZ Synapse ST7iB Treadmill

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BladeZ Synapse ST7iB Treadmill Console

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