Life Fitness 95T Inspire Review (Discontinued)

Editor's Rating: 9 /10
This model has been discontinued.

Club quality cardio training moves into home gyms with the Certified Used Life Fitness 95T Inspire. The 95T with Inspire console is part of the Elevation Series, which is Life Fitness’ most advanced series of commercial cardio equipment. The Certified Used 95T Inspire sells for much less than a new model — about $3,000 instead of $8,000 — yet it’s “just like new” thanks to expert refurbishing as described below. High performance and loaded with special features for training and entertainment, this luxury treadmill can meet an entire household’s cardio training needs for many years.

Key specs for the Life Fitness 95T treadmill base are impressive. Serious runners appreciate its spacious track, 4.0 HP continuous duty motor (8.0 HP at peak) and top speed of 15 mph. Walkers and runners aiming for better muscle tone and faster calorie burn take advantage of its power incline with settings up to 15%. And for comfort each Certified Used 95T Inspire is equipped with a brand-new deck. Featuring the same shock-absorbing springs that are used in Corvettes, the deck makes walking and running on this treadmill low-impact compared with training on an asphalt track or other outdoor path.

As for the Inspire console, the centerpiece is a 7″ color touchscreen. It has 41 diverse workouts and fitness tests. With USB connectivity it can create new workouts, customize existing workout programs, and track exercise data long-term. The Inspire touchscreen also gives the user access to personal music and video lists. Shoppers can upgrade the console with an attachable 17″ LCD TV that supports 1000 channels.

About refurbishing: A “Certified Used” treadmill from Life Fitness is virtually indistinguishable from a treadmill straight off the production line. Refurbishing includes taking the treadmill apart, inspecting and cleaning the components, repairing/replacing parts as needed, and then rebuilding the unit. Each rebuilt 95T Inspire receives a brand-new cushioned deck. Some of the treadmills have brand-new consoles as well. Others have pre-owned consoles with new touchscreen overlays for a factory-fresh look. The Certified Used 95T Inspire has a one-year standard residential warranty although it’s built to last much, much longer. Customers can buy extended warranties for peace of mind.

What We Like:

  • Touchscreen Display for Workouts: A 7-inch touchscreen is the Inspire console’s control center for 41 built-in workouts and fitness programs. Its full-color display has Workout Landscape™ Perspectives technology, letting trainees choose from three virtual landscapes to visualize workout progress. The Inspire console is compatible with smartphone for music and video too.
  • Power Incline: For extra intensity and workout variety the Life Fitness 95T track can tilt up to a 15% grade. Training on the incline can boost metabolism not only during workouts but longer term as it helps replace fat with lean muscle. Preset interval training workouts can help trainees make the most of incline training.
  • Motor: The 95T Inspire has a 4.0 HP continuous duty AC drive. This impressive commercial motor has a peak of 8.0 HP, so it supports smooth performance even when the belt’s used at high speed by a heavy runner.
  • High Speed: With a top speed of 15 mph (24 kph), this Life Fitness treadmill is ideal for serious runners. Typical high-end treadmills for running top out at 12 mph.
  • Tread Belt: Enjoy a spacious andmaintenance-free 22″ x 60″ workout area. The 95T’s training surface is 2″ wider than the norm and long enough for all but the tallest runners. And whereas residential treadmill belts tend to require occasional waxing, commercial Life Fitness treadmills like the 95T have maintenance-free belts. Also worth noting are the 3.5″ diameter rollers beneath the track. These rollers are extra-large to minimize wear on the belt and motor, helping the treadmill to serve trouble-free for many years.
  • Cushioning: Each refurbished 95T Inspire has Flex Deck Shock Absorption. This high quality cushioning system significantly reduces the impact of each footfall, thereby preventing fatigue and promoting endurance.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The Inspire monitor supports wireless heart rate monitoring and has exercise programs specifically designed to keep the trainee in a specified heart rate zone. Heart rate and other training data can be tracked over time with use of the 95T’s USB drive.
  • Entertainment: The Inspire console has a media ledge for a book or mobile device. For audio entertainment smartphone-compatible speakers are integrated with the Inspire console. The 7″ screen can display playlists and show video too. Sold separately is a 17″ LCD TV that can be attached above the 7″ screen.
  • High Capacity: This commercial cardio trainer is marked sturdy for trainees weighing up to 400 pounds.
  • Data: The Incline console can be used in any of 13 languages. It displays Speed, Incline, Heart Rate, Pace, Elapsed Time, Time Remaining, Time in Zone, Time of Day, Distance, Distance Climbed, Distance Remaining, Calories, Calories per Hour, Watts and METs. Typical residential treadmills, in comparison, provide less feedback.
  • Extended Warranty: The Certified Used 95T Inspire carries a standard one-year residential warranty. While that’s not so impressive, the extended warranty is a valuable add-on. For $350 it provides another three years of parts coverage. Although this club-quality treadmill is very unlikely to break down with home use, it seems wise to protect the investment for about $100/year.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Standard Warranty:  We appreciate this treadmill’s free one-year warranty for labor. But considering the machine’s purchase price, the standard one-year parts and electronics warranty is less impressive. Fortunately an extended warranty is offered at a reasonable price.
  • Weight: Heavy machine weight is a possible drawback of ownership. The 95T Inspire weighs 442 pounds (200 kg).
  • Size: Compared with most residential treadmills this unit needs more floor space. Its dimensions are 80″ L x 37″ W x 80.25″ H.

Our Verdict:

Unmatched by residential treadmills in its price class, the Certified Used 95T Inspire sold by Life Fitness earns our enthusiastic recommendation. We’d add a $350 warranty when buying this big-ticket item, but that hardly detracts from the advertised deal. Five stars!

Recent Updates

  • October 31, 2022: Edited FAQs to offer a suitable alternative as this model is discontinued on the Life Fitness website. Our pick for the best alternative is the NordicTrack 1750.
  • July 13, 2021: Added some FAQs to the page, updated specifications to current model.

Life Fitness 95T Inspire FAQs

Where can I get replacement parts for Life Fitness 95T Inspire?

Replacement parts for this machine can be acquired through Life Fitness' customer support located on their website.

What is a good alternative to the Life Fitness 95T Inspire?

A good alternative to this treadmill is the NordicTrack 1750. You can also check out our list of Best Treadmills for Home Use to find a suitable alternative.