Life Fitness Treadmill Desk Review

Editor's Rating: 8.1/10
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A great choice for office environments, the Life Fitness Treadmill Desk helps people keep fit and maintain a high energy level throughout the workday. It operates almost silently and can run for hours at a time without overheating. This treadmill desk has a sturdy work area that can easily adjust to fit different user heights; it’s optimized for the comfort of people sized from 4’10” to 6’6″ tall. The desktop is spacious, measuring about 40″ wide by 32″ deep, and is attractive with a dark woodgrain look. A power strip for a computer and other work equipment is built into the back of the desktop. It has USB ports, AC outlets and an Ethernet connection.

The desk treadmill track is 48″ long for walking strides and 20″ wide just like health club treadmill tracks. The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk also provides high end shock absorption; just like health club treadmills for runners it’s built with a patented FlexDeck that absorbs nearly 30% more impact compared with asphalt tracks. For motivation a small screen at the front of the desktop indicates how far you’ve walked and gives other session feedback.

This treadmill desk is under warranty for use in commercial settings and home workout rooms. Full price is $4,599.

What We Like:

  • Safety Features: The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk has easy-to-reach pause and stop buttons for user safety and convenience. It’s also built with small children and pets in mind; if the trainee steps away from the track, the track will automatically slow down to a stop. There’s also a lanyard key to use for auto stopping in case the user slips.
  • High Weight Capacity: The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk supports up to 350 pounds safely and without wobbling. The machine itself weighs about 250 pounds.
  • Ergonomic Desktop: Power adjustable, the desktop is designed to comfortably be used by people from 4’10” to 6’6″ tall. The desktop is ergonomically shaped for comfortable use while walking with a slight cut-in space at the front. Controls and a data screen are kept off the desktop so the space is free for work.
  • Spacious Workspace: The desktop is thick and has a spacious work area measuring 31.4″ deep x 40″ wide. The desk surface has a woodgrain look with rich brown stain and glossy laminate.
  • Power Strip: At the back of the desktop is a power strip. It has AC plugs, an Ethernet port and USB ports.
  • Workout Feedback: A small data screen at the front of the desktop shows the time elapsed, number of steps taken, miles walked and speed.
  • Warranty: The warranty is competitive for commercial fitness equipment. Purchased through Life Fitness it has seven years of coverage on the treadmill frame, 3 years on the motor, and one year on wear parts and labor. The Treadmill Desk can also be returned within 30 days for a refund minus a restocking fee.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Workout Area: The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk is ideal for low-speed walking but isn’t sized for running. Its track has a 48″ long surface. Treadmills built for runners generally have 60″ long tracks because strides lengthen with speed.
  • Price: The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk retails for $4,599, which can be a reasonable price for and office environment where there is heavy use, but it also can be a little high for an average user. The benefits for the price is that it can serve multiple users every day and won’t be overworked or become noisy, so this could also be listed in the ‘What we Like’ section. ¬†With its high quality parts this treadmill desk can also pay off in a home environment, serving quietly for many years without needing maintenance.
  • Low Horsepower: Meant to support walking rather than running, the treadmill is optimized for lower speeds. Some other treadmill desks can be used for running.
  • No Incline: This treadmill’s track stays at a 0 degree incline. Other treadmills have motorized track inclines to help speed up calorie burn and improve muscle tone.
  • No Heart Rate Monitoring: Unlike health club treadmills, this office treadmill doesn’t have a wireless heart rate receiver or touch heart rate sensors.
  • Simple Electronics: The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk is luxurious yet simple. Its simplicity in terms of electronics could be a pro or con depending on your needs. Since this is a treadmill meant strictly for office environments, it makes sense that it doesn’t include workout programs or distracting entertainment.

Our Verdict:

The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk is a wonderful choice for shared work environments. It’s durable, virtually silent and can run for hours at a time without overheating. This treadmill makes it convenient to get work accomplished and also achieve goals for physical well-being.

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