ProForm Premier 1300 Review

Update: This treadmill has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.
ProForm Premier 1300
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Save big on a smart treadmill! Updated for 2016, the ProForm Premier 1300 treadmill is loaded with smart technology and premium components. A 10-inch

Save big on a smart treadmill! Updated for 2016, the ProForm Premier 1300 treadmill is loaded with smart technology and premium components. A 10-inch touch screen with web browser is just the start! The Premier 1300 leads the ProForm Premier Series and would normally set you back quite a bit; it retails for $2,499. Now sale priced around $1,000 online, this elite treadmill is affordable for lots more home gyms.

The treadmill’s 10″ touch screen provides easy access to 32 preset workouts. It also has an Android browser, so you can easily browse the web, check your favorite social media sites, or read your email while working out. Additionally the wireless connection brings iFit, a popular fitness program with plenty of perks for subscribers: unlimited workout downloads, virtual outdoor training with Google Maps and Street View, wireless data tracking and more. The Premier 1300 provides many ways to stay motivated and get fit!

Besides having impressive electronics, the Premier 1300 has a sturdy yet foldable frame, a quiet and powerful 3.5 CHP commercial motor, and an advanced shock absorption system.

What We Like:

  • Convenient Folding Design: Need to save space? The Premier 1300 has the patented SpaceSaver design with EasyLift Assist technology, which means you can fold or unfold the treadmill with one easy step. No heavy lifting is involved.
  • Spacious Running Area: The running area is roomy at 20″ wide and 60″ long. Even if you’re a tall person, these dimensions are ideal for running. You won’t feel cramped or uncomfortable on this treadmill.
  • Advanced Shock Absorption: Enjoy the comfort and joint support of ProForm’s ProShox cushioning system. This air-based absorption system responds to your movement by changing the elevation of the deck. This helps reduce fatigue so you can more effectively work your lower body.
  • Full Color Touchscreen Display: This elite treadmill comes with a web-enabled 10-inch touch screen with full color. This display screen is attractive, simple to use, one of the largest on the market, and one of the smartest treadmill screens around. You can easily check email, scroll through social media sites, or stream your favorite music. The layout of workout readouts is also easy to navigate, and one-touch “quick keys” are especially convenient when you’re running or walking and don’t want to pause your workout to adjust speed or incline.
  • Tablet Holder: Add your favorite apps to treadmill time! The Premier 1300 lets you securely dock your tablet computer above the console. The holder has an adjustable angle to ensure a perfect eye-level view.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: The Premier 1300 gives two options for heart rate monitoring: You can use the dual-grip hand sensors on the handlebars, or you can use the Bluetooth feature for wireless heart rate monitoring. The wireless option is the most accurate and efficient method of tracking your heart rate. This treadmill also has heart rate training programs. These use your heart rate data to help you efficiently reach your fitness goals.
  • Great Program Variety: The 1300 has 32 built-in workout apps! This generous selection supports different workout goals and makes training easier; just press Start and let the treadmill take care of the speed, incline, time and distance.
  • iFit Enabled: Using an iFit membership is a great way to stay motivated. You can choose from hundreds of HD video workouts featuring the world’s top personal trainers, follow any route powered by Google Maps, and get a new personalized treadmill workout any time. iFit also makes it easy to track your fitness data and share it with other apps.
  • Advanced Sound System: Many ProForm treadmills are iPod-compatible and have the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System with 2″ speakers to enhance workout time. The Premier 1300 levels up with the newest Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound System, which features 3″ speakers for even more impressive fidelity.
  • Incline/Speed: Target specific muscle groups and work on your endurance with a max 12% incline, and sprint with speeds up to 12 mph. Incline training with the Premier 1300 is an excellent way to torch calories while also toning multiple muscle groups, and sprinting is also a super effective calorie burner!
  • Warranty: This treadmill carries an excellent warranty. ProForm provides lifetime coverage on both the frame and the motor. You’ll also get 5 years of coverage on parts and 2 years on labor.
  • Price: While its full price is steep, the Premier 1300’s sale price of $1,000 is a pretty good deal.

ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4-stars
Motor:3.5 HP
Incline:0 - 12%
Running Area:20" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:350 LBS
Dimensions:83.25" L x 36.75" W x 59.25" H
Built-In Programs:34
What We Don’t Like:

  • No USB Charging Port: This treadmill is iPod compatible, but it can’t charge your device. Make sure your iPod is powered before workout time begins.
  • Chest Strap Sold Separately: This treadmill supports wireless heart rate monitoring but doesn’t include the required chest strap. It is nice when this is included but not a deal breaker by any means.
  • Shorter Arm Rails: This treadmill has short arm rails. Treadmills with longer arm rails provide a better sense of security.

Our Verdict:

With smart modern features and high performance, it’s a good value at the $1,000 sale price. But in case the price returns to $2,499, the simpler Sole F63 is our more durable recommended alternative.

Update: This treadmill has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.