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NOTE on 5/18/2014: Most of LIVESTRONG’s treadmills are now either sold only in Canada or discontinued, so please be careful when buying as warra

NOTE on 5/18/2014: Most of LIVESTRONG’s treadmills are now either sold only in Canada or discontinued, so please be careful when buying as warranties may not carry as much weight as they used to. We are also downgrading our review stars of this treadmill brand.


LIVESTRONG Fitness has taken a three-step approach to building a respected name in the fitness industry. First, the company manufactures durable treadmills, elliptical trainers and stationary bikes for serious athletes. Second, their staff has created a comprehensive collection of online resources to assist men and women in the pursuit of good health. You can learn about fitness routines, nutrition, medical issues and much more on their network of websites. Third, from its base in Austin, Texas, LIVESTRONG has helped countless individuals worldwide via charitable donations. For example, the company has made monetary donations to victims of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters.

Most prominent though has been LIVESTRONG’s active work on behalf of cancer survivors. In 2009 the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Summit hosted 500 world leaders, cancer patient advocates, corporations and non-profits. Attendees then fanned out around the globe to support cancer victims in their own communities. The fitness company has donated a percentage of their profits to help cancer survivors get the supports they need.

Five treadmill models are currently sold at the LiveStrong website. The main lineup includes the LS8.0T, LS10.0T, LS13.0T and LS15.0T. There’s also the heavy-duty LS Pro 2. Each model gets a treadmill review on our website, and below we review LiveStrong treadmills overall.
What We Like

  • Prices: Pricing its treadmills between about $800 and $1700, LiveStrong offers exercise machines to fit most budgets.
  • Consoles: LiveStrong consoles are sleek and user-friendly. Each has a more than adequate LCD screen, and the newest version (the LS15.0T) connects with your TV to display interactive video. It actually helps simulate a run through the American Southwest or Northern Italy.
  • Motors: LiveStrong motors range from 2.25 to 3.25 HP. Choose a lower HP if you’re a jogger or get the commercial-quality motor to power you through long runs.
  • Inclines: The treadmills tracks can be tilted to simulate outdoor running conditions sans pollution.
  • Audio: LiveStrong treadmills have iPod-compatible ports and speakers.
  • Fitness Journal and exercise programs: With LiveStrong’s Fitness Journal system and at least ten built-in exercise programs, you can digitally track progress toward short-term and long-term fitness goals.
  • Warranty: LiveStrong treadmills include lifetime motor warranties, at least two-year warranties for other parts, and one or two years of labor.

What We Don’t Like

  • We’re not so crazy about the means of accessing the LiveStrong Fitness Journal. You need to transfer data with a USB stick. Now that we’re into the 2013 model year, it would be nice to see a direct Internet connection on their treadmills. On the other hand, LiveStrong gives us good values by investing in machine parts that truly matter and leaving certain frills behind.

Our Verdict

LIVESTRONG treadmills get consistently positive reviews for their sleek and user-friendly consoles, well-designed workouts, generous warranties and all-around high quality components. The company is relatively new, but LIVESTRONG Fitness is off to a fantastic start in terms of making high quality products, providing helpful customer service and giving back to the world.