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With fitness sometimes the hardest part is getting started. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or have been running for years, staying motivated can be a challenge.

Fitness tracking can be an easy way to stay informed on your health and wellness progress and to stay motivated. The challenge is that there are so many different fitness machines, devices and apps that it can be overwhelming to get an accurate picture of your progress, especially if you like to mix up your routine indoors and outdoors. That is where ViaFit comes in.

ViaFit iPhoneDesigned to save you time and effort on tracking fitness-related activities, ViaFit is a new application by the team at Johnson Fitness (the company that builds Horizon and Vision Fitness) for collecting and combining your data from multiple areas so it can be where you want it, giving you a clearer picture of your wellness goals.

A treadmill with ViaFit can use your home Wi-Fi connection to stream your exercise data, together with various fitness apps including FitBit, Nike+ and nutrition sites like MyFitnessPal. You can share your successes with friends and family on Facebook, or include readings from your Withings scale at home. In addition, if you have a gym membership, you can include your gym workouts by tracking using your xID login or taking a photo using the ViaFit app xCapture on your phone.

Everything you do to stay fit gets counted. Now you can worry less about tracking properly and focus more on a setting a new personal record.

This solution is completely free and can be used even if you don’t own a compatible Horizon and Vision fitness product.

“We developed ViaFit because we saw the proven value of wellness tracking and wanted to make it easier for people to reach their health and fitness goals,” said Nathan Pyles, president of Johnson Health Tech. “ViaFit offers a more holistic and effective experience by seamlessly connecting the exercise and nutrition tracking methods people are already using to their fitness equipment.”

Viafit is available as a mobile app and can be found in the iTunes store or by accessing the online portal at www.viafitness.com. Tracking has never been so easy.

ViaFit connectivity“ViaFit allows people to effortlessly transition from indoor to outdoor exercise activities without disrupting their fitness tracking methods.” said Andrew Kolman, Director of Console Technology at Johnson Health Tech. “This new technology automatically does the tracking for you, simplifying the process and making it easier to reach your fitness goals.”

Capture all your workouts, regardless of where you workout

The ViaFit app allows users to take their gym workouts from any machine and easily upload them, making it the most comprehensive tracking solution on the market. The xCapture feature allows you to simply take a picture of your tracking watch, non-ViaFit cardio machine console, or other tracking software.ViaFit iPhone Scan It then uploads the information to your account allowing you to focus on progress and not worry about the tracking.

Stay motivated with ViaFit challenges

The team at Horizon and Vision Fitness provides regular challenges to ViaFit users that they can access through the app or web portal. You can compete against your home club group, and the team occasionally provides prizes to the challenge winners.
VisFit App
Challenges range from calories burned during a time period to total number of cardio workouts. Tracking your workouts is a great way to stay engaged, and keep yourself motivated. When you have all of your stats from your gym, outdoor and home cardio workouts in one place, you can easily make sure that you are on pace to achieve your goals.

Look for the Horizon and Vision cardio equipment that wirelessly transmits workout data from the machine to the application.

The download of the application and signing up on the web portal is completely free. I would suggest going out and testing the mobile app. This could be a great answer to aggregating all your fitness information into one place.

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