ProForm 705 CST Treadmill

Editor's Rating: 8.2 /10

The ProForm 705 CST residential treadmill is a good choice for walkers. It is one of the least expensive options offered by ProForm in its collection of treadmills. All the features and specs are geared towards the demands of a walker – not a runner – and are basic if compared to more expensive treadmills with bells and whistle, but it delivers on the essentials. It has everything you need to increase and maintain your fitness levels if you are a beginner or intermediate.

One of the important features that lets you know this treadmill is for walking or  light jogging is the 2.75 CHP Mach Z power. This range will not provide the power and durability required for the demands of consistent, serious running.

But it is perfect for walking and the spacious track helps to make it so. At 20”x 60”, it is the standard length of a commercial treadmill which is designed to accommodate for a wide range of heights and gaits. It is also designed with the ProShox cushioning that helps to alleviate some of the shock on your ankles, knees and hips.

As for workout programs – you have access to more than enough to keep you motivated. The 705 CST  comes with 22 built–in workouts (created by expert personal trainers) that will increase and challenge your fitness levels in distance, speed, time and calories burned.  It is also iFit Coach enabled, which is an app with a monthly paid subscription. The app comes with a myriad of on-demand workout videos in the hundreds. It is also synced with Google maps and allows you to choose locations to walk/hike on around the world –virtually. What’s especially cool, is that the incline will automatically align with the resistance from the programs or the topography of the areas you choose to venture on.

Checking stats is important when you have a goal in mind. On the 5” display  – follow your workout sessions and read your stats: speed, mileage, calorie burn, heart rate and time. Your heart rate is easily taken via the conveniently located grip pulse sensor on the handlebars.

Walking will improve your cardiovascular health and your muscle tone with the combination of the speed (0-12 MPH) and the incline (12%) increase. The more you incline the more you tone and sculpt the lower body (glutes, thighs, calves etc.)

Music and sound is usually a great way to motivate and have fun while working out. The audio auxiliary port allows you to sync your music or other vocal workout tools to the 705 CST, to enjoy the enhanced sound via the 2” dual speakers.

Additional features include a two-speed fan to keep you cool. As well as an integrated tablet holder to keep your device for additional workouts or other stuff.

What We Like

  • iFit Coach Bluetooth Smart enabled: The iFit app provides numerous amounts of workout programs: hundreds of on-demand trainer-led videos from different countries and studios around the world. Also, iFit Coach works with Google Maps allowing you to – virtually – walk or run on different terrains from Africa to Australia. iFit is subscription based with a paid monthly or yearly membership.
  • Motor Power: The 705 CST comes with a 2.75 CHP Mach Z Commercial motor, which is strong enough power for walkers and light joggers.
  • Display: A 5” back lit display is just large enough to properly monitor and view your stats from time, mileage, speed, calorie burn to heart rate.
  • Workout Programs: 22 built-in programs are fully loaded into the console. Programs created by professional trainers are specifically tailored for treadmill workouts.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Conveniently designed within the handlebars, the EKG Grip heart rate sensors monitor your heart rate.
  • Track: The track at 20”x 60”, is good size for a variety of stride lengths. Commercial gyms usually have a standard length of 60”. The belt is also manufactured with the ProShox cushioning system to limit the impact on your feet, knees, hips and ankles.
  • Speed: The speed range is 0-12 mph, which really is more than enough for most walkers or joggers.
  • Incline: The option to incline – drastically changes your workout. It limits the impact on your joints while, increasing your resistance and calories burned and sculpting your lower body muscles.
  • Space: The Spacesaver design makes it easy to fold up after use and tuck out of the way once you’re finished.
  • Tablet Holder: The integrated tablet holder, securely keeps your personal tablet in place.
  • Speaker/Audio Auxiliary Port: Plug in and enhance the sound of your favorite trainer or music through  dual 2-inch speakers.
  • Fans: Keep cool, with the built in 2 speed fan.
  • Weight Capacity: The weight capacity of 325 pounds means just about anyone is able to securely and safely use the ProForm 705 CST treadmill.
  • Warranty: The warranty is fairly decent for a treadmill at this price point; lifetime on frame and motor, two yrs. on parts and one yr. on labor

What We Don’t Like

  • No iFit trial period: Most of the other ProForm machines now come with a year long subscription to the app. Although this ProForm is one of the companies least expensive options, they could include even a three-month free subscription.
  • Walker’s treadmill: Although it’s perfect for those who will only be walking but if you are thinking of starting off walking to work your way up to running, this is not the treadmill for you.  It is best to look at the ProForm Performance or Pro series.

Our Verdict

The ProForm 705 CST treadmill is a good walking option. It is reasonably priced and will be an excellent treadmill for those who are only intending to walk, or seniors and those in rehabilitation. It comes with 22 workout programs and if you want more variety, with the money you saved on the treadmill you can put towards the the iFit app. Whatever you decide, a walker will be satisfied with this value purchase.

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