ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 Review

Editor's Rating: 8.3 /10

Imagine a machine that burns calories four times faster than a treadmill. Achieving weight loss and other fitness goals quickly is what makes high intensity interval training (HIIT) so appealing. Unfortunately, there’s a catch: high intensity exercise can be rough on the joints and even lead to injury.

ProForm has introduced a low-impact yet high performance HIIT Trainer. The ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 is a cross between a stair climber and an elliptical machine that exercises the whole body. Whether you train at a constant exertion level or take advantage of HIIT, this machine will help you reap a wide range of health benefits with surprising efficiency. And now, purchase of the machine can be had for a 3-year Family Membership to iFit. Instead of having to purchase the $39 per month interactive training package in addition to the machine cost, customers get the whole package for $1,403, or $39 per month for 36 months.


  • Provides both cardio and strength training components
  • Doesn’t take up lots of space
  • 3-year iFit Family Membership
  • 24 resistance settings
  • EKG grip heart rate sensors
  • Thousands of workouts led by certified trainers


  • Small 7-inch Smart HD screen
  • A 3-year iFit Family Membership is required for purchase
  • Warranty period has recently shortened

ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.15-stars
Running Area:N/A
Top Speed:N/A MPH
Weight Capacity:325 LBS
Dimensions:52" L x 29.25" W x 66 " H
Built-In Programs:Thousands available

ProForm Carbon HIIT H7: Key Buying Points

The Carbon HIIT H7’s essential performance features include a smooth yet steep elliptical footpath, resistant handlebars for boxing-like motion, and 24 tension levels. Engineered with a 10-inch vertical and 5-inch horizontal strike, other features include interactive studio classes, outdoor workouts, iFit connectivity and automatic trainer control. When purchased through the ProForm website, the HIIT Trainer carries a 10-year warranty on the frame, two years on parts, and one year on labor.

In terms of comfort, this is a good model. With a CoolAire Workout Fan and water bottle holder included, users can work up a sweat without getting messy, and maintain hydration levels. Front-mounted transport wheels allow users to move the unit around with ease.

Console and Training Programs

The Carbon HIIT H7 activates major muscle groups throughout the body. Even excluding resistance training, the machine promotes a much higher rate of calorie burn compared with a standard treadmill just by adding upper body movement. You get to enjoy professional-grade workout programming with thousands of interactive studio classes and outdoor workouts guided by certified trainers. Progress is shown on a 7-inch HD touchscreen display along with stats for speed, distance, time, and calories burned. The machine also features EKG Grip Pulse Heart Rate sensors to assist with all exercise cardio.


The Carbon HIIT H7 is purchased as part of a a 3-year iFit family membership, and this app works not only on the machine but tablets, computers, phones, or televisions. The unit is equipped with a secure device holder built into the console. One of the unique features of iFit is that the program allows professional trainers to control the machine’s resistance from remote locations, or as part of a video workout. Personalized training is a hallmark of this app, which also comes with Google Maps workouts and nearly unlimited virtual destinations. The iFit app can be downloaded onto other devices and includes strength training, nutrition, yoga, Pilates, and more. As versatile an app as they come, read A Guide to iFit for Treadmills here.


Twenty-four resistance settings using a 30-pound flywheel accommodate a wide range of ability levels. Preset programs control the resistance, and one-touch controls make it possible to adjust the tension during training. Engineered with SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance), the machine provides smooth and silent resistance which adjusts seamlessly. The machine features a stride of 10″ vertical and 5″ horizontal.


ProForm’s Carbon HIIT H7 requires a bit less space than the average home cardio trainer. Dimensions are 29.25″ W x 52″ D x 66.7″ H.

Additional Features

  • Oversized, Cushioned Pedals: Adding to its comfortable, low-impact motion, this machine has generously cushioned pedals. They’re also oversized, allowing users to reposition their feet to avoid discomfort.
  • Audio Auxiliary Port with Dual, Two-Inch Bluetooth® Speakers: Music is an excellent complement to any workout, and the speakers make it easy to keep up with a specific tempo while boosting energy levels.
  • Multigrip Handlebars: Handlebars on the ProForm HIIT Trainer move with resistance and provide a variety of grip positions to alter the training effects. Isolate muscles in your arms, back, shoulders, and core.
  • Console Extras: Enjoy added comfort and convenience with a two-speed fan, a water bottle holder, and front-mounted transport wheels.

Warranty and Guarantee

The factory-direct deal includes a 10-year warranty on the frame, two years on parts, and one year on labor. ProForm also provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Our Verdict:

The Carbon HIIT H7 is extremely efficient, comfortable to use, packed with programs, and competitively priced. At under $1,500, it’s a best buy in cardio training. The fact the machine comes with three years of the iFit package is a big plus if you like interactive training. That said, if you don’t want an app like that, you might shop onward. Its closest competition is its big sibling, the Pro HIIT H14 and if screen size is a concern you’ll want to check that out. While that upgrade has enticing electronics, it’s only a small step up in terms of performance. The truth is that any ProForm HIIT trainer offers impressive value and powerful workouts. You can’t really go wrong with this brand.

New for 2022

New improvements are being made each year, and this season brings a pricing special where customers get the machine in exchange for a 3-year commitment to iFit. This represents a savings of nearly half as they now don’t need to buy both.

New for 2021

Technology is always advancing, and changing demands in the fitness industry keep manufacturers on their toes. Here are some recent changes ProForm has made to the Carbon HIIT H7 to keep up with the competition.

  • This model previously offered 32 workout apps to guide users through high intensity interval training and more traditional workouts. Now, you can access thousands of interactive studio classes and outdoor workouts led by certified trainers.
  • The 28-pound flywheel upgraded to 30 pounds. This allows for smoother, quieter operation.
  • The warranty period has shortened. While ProForm used to cover their customers with a lifetime warranty on the frame and three years on parts, they now provide a 10-year frame and two-year parts warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 need to be plugged into a power outlet?

Yes, so long as users want the electricity to power the screens or other devices. The magnetic resistance will work without electricity.

Is the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 more of a stair stepper than an elliptical?

Because of its vertical design, some users feel this is more like a stepper, but the motion of the pedals still is elliptical by design.

Is the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 easy to assemble/disassemble?

The machine does have a vertical design, so having two people assemble it would be helpful. Otherwise, the instructions are quite clear and there are numerous videos online with demonstrations.

What is the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7's weight limit?

The maximum weight capacity of the machine is 325 lbs.

What tools are needed to assemble the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7?

Purchase includes two hex keys. Other useful tools would be a Phillips head screwdriver and a set of sockets.