ProForm City L6 Treadmill Review

Editor's Rating: 7.8 /10
Best Buy Award(s):For WalkersUnder $1500

A new addition to the ProForm line-up of treadmills, the City L6 represents the entry-level unit of the family at just $699. Big enough to get the job done, but small enough to tuck away under a desk or into a closet, a number of the same great features are offered as with the larger, more costly models.

Measuring 29 inches x 70.25 inches x 44.5 inches, the total machine only weighs about 125 pounds but can support up to 250 in user weight. With a tread belt of only 17.5 inches by 45, the machine offers speeds up to 8 miles per hour by way of a 1.6 CHP Mach Z motor. ProShox Cushioning keeps the movement smooth atop 1.6-inch precision balanced rollers.

Programming wise, the the ProForm City L6 comes iFit-enabled and purchase includes a one-year Family Membership. The machine includes an integrated tablet holder and small display screen for time. Bluetooth-enabled, users can use other fitness apps by way of the tablet holder, but the machine is designed to work in conjunct with iFit, which brings live-trainers to the jog virtually, and they can control the resistance and speed of the machine from remote.

What We Like:

  • Small running track — Measuring 45 inches long and 17.5 inches wide, it’s clear that this is a compact and foldable unit for use where space is tight.
  • Solid warranty — With 10 years guaranteed for the frame, and one-year for parts and labor, customers are getting a relatively solid guarantee for the size of the unit.
  • Bluetooth-enabled — Users don’t have to tied into any one entertainment option as the treadmill allows for wireless connections.
  • 1-year iFit Family Membership — Included in the purchase price, the membership is valued at $486 and affords users live trainers and an unlimited workout library.
  • Folding Deck — Buyers of this model are certainly looking for a space-saver, and as a folding unit, they have that option here.
  • Strong user weight — As a significantly smaller treadmill, it’s impressive to see a 250-pound user weight limit that would handle most potential customers.

ProForm City L6 Treadmill Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:3.9-stars
Motor:1.6 HP
Running Area:17.5" x 45"
Top Speed:0-8 MPH
Weight Capacity:250 LBS
Dimensions:70.25"" L x 29"" W x 44.5" H
Built-In Programs:iFit-only
What We Don’t Like:

  • Still requires a tablet — To utilize iFit, you’ll need your own tablet rather than a screen integrated into the console.

In terms of the ProForm family of treadmills, the City L6 brings a solid entry-level unit to the offerings. The next model up in the family is the ProForm Carbon T7 which retails at $999 and features a 7-inch smart screen as well as a much larger folding deck. That said, the City L6 and its 1.6 CHP Mach Z motor are clearly designed for walkers and joggers with a max speed up to 8 mph. So long as customers understand what they’re shopping for here, they should be a happy.

That said, the ProForm City L6 does benefit from a strong warranty. Like most of its siblings, this model gets a 10-year frame warranty, with one year for parts and labor. If one were looking at a larger, more expensive model, that wouldn’t impress, but given the size and designed usage, it strikes us as more than reasonable. With a 45-inch long tread belt, its clear to users that lengthy strides just aren’t in the cards. But if speed-walking in the home or even office is the goal, this should work atop 1.6-inch precision rollers.

The treadmill comes without an included tablet or HD screen, however a tablet holder is built in for the user to secure their own. In this day and age of home exercise, it would be a rarity for someone not to have either a tablet or smart phone to use in conjunct with the machine. The treadmill is also Bluetooth-enabled and an Internet connection is required, but again, that’s almost a given these days.

About iFit:

The ProForm family of treadmills are coming already set up for the iFit exercise program, which allows that community’s professional trainers to assume control of the machine’s speed while the user works out. In addition to live classes set in sites around the world, the user also gets the benefit of thousands of pre-loaded workouts already designed to handle any goal or style of exercise. The connected workout programs also logs past measures of performance and gives the user a personalized experience while sharing in a global community.

Our Verdict:

The ProForm family of treadmills has long been a favorite amongst users and the new City Series seems like a good entry-level. At only $699 with a free year of iFit – valued at $486 – users are getting a solid piece of equipment. Granted, we’d like to see a better screen included or tablet, but we’re also aware that this is a very compact machine which appeals to both budget-conscious and space-conscious users. For more bells and whistles, one might check out the ProForm Carbon T7 for only $999, ever bearing mind it does take up more room.

Frequently Asked Questions

How large is the ProForm City L6 treadmill when folded?

The machine is 29" and 70.25" long.

Can the ProForm City L6 be used as an under desk treadmill?

Yes, and be sure to measure the desk or get one specifically designed for use with a treadmill.

Can I use the ProForm City L6 treadmill without iFit?

Yes, users can bypass the iFit program and use the treadmill independently, or use the tablet-holder to access other programs.