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Sole S77 Review Treadmill Reviews 4 Upgraded for 2013, the Sole S77 delivers a health club atmosphere to home gyms. It appears just after the entry-level S73 in Sole’s new lineup b

Upgraded for 2013, the Sole S77 delivers a health club atmosphere to home gyms. It appears just after the entry-level S73 in Sole’s new lineup but it feels far from basic. The S77’s 4.0 HP motor means it will outperform just about any other treadmill in the sub-$2000 category, and the 22″ x 60″ running surface is the largest you’ll find at almost any price. In our review Sole’s above-average warranty helps the S77 home treadmill earn four stars for value.

What We Like:

  • High-quality parts: Sole claims to have created a bullet-proof frame. We hope you won’t be exercising under such demanding conditions, but it’s good to know… In any case, the S77 could easily pass as a fitness club machine. Its powerful motor, two-ply track and other superior components can help power you through many years’ worth of intense workouts.
  • Attractive display: You’ll get a clear 9″ LCD screen with constant info about time elapsed, calories burned and so forth. When your workout is complete, you’ll get a recap of what you’ve accomplished. The good-looking screen with light blue backlighting is embedded in a gray and burgundy console with color-coded buttons.
  • Motor: The S77 has a quiet commercial-grade 4.0 HP motor. It has a lifetime guarantee that’s ensured by excellent components and unique engineering – there are two cooling flywheels. The motor’s longevity is also preserved by wax lubrication on the deck, which reduces its load.
  • Track size: A 60″ x 22″ running area distinguishes this treadmill from just about all the others on the market, whether residential or commercial. The track is long enough for tall runners and 2″ wider than most treadmill tracks.
  • Track cushioning: Sole’s “whisper quiet” CushionFlex technology has been proven to reduce joint impact by up to 40% when compared with road running.
  • Incline: Exponentially increase your rate of calorie burn by activating the power ramp! The treadmill track tilts up to 15%.
  • Wireless monitor: A grip pulse monitoring system is included and the machine is wireless-ready. A wireless chest strap must be purchased separately.
  • Audio: Plug in your MP3 player! The Sole S77 has a quiet motor and loud speakers… the perfect combination.
  • High capacity: The maximum user weight is 400 pounds.
  • Long warranty: The new S77 treadmill is sold with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor and deck. There’s a five-year warranty on parts. Service is provided for free in your home if it’s needed during the first two years.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Program variety: Sole treadmills typically have only ten workout programs. “Only?” Some would say that ten’s more than enough, but we should point out that it’s on the low end. You’ll get six standard preset workouts and two heart rate control workouts. There’s space to save two programs that you design yourself.

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Our Verdict:

The Sole S77 can easily earn five-star reviews from certain groups of customers. First, we highly recommend it to extra-large trainees. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another treadmill with such a roomy track at this price. Second, the Sole S77 is ideal for almost any household seeking a reliable high-end fitness machine. It looks and feels enough like a club machine to keep most people motivated.

Who should look elsewhere? If you want a treadmill with variable stride, tons of programs or TV luxury, then you should keep shopping. The S77 also isn’t the best choice for smaller people. If you don’t weigh a lot and aren’t so tall, you can spend less on a treadmill and get workouts of the same high quality.

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